St James Infirmary Blues

This song has a very long history and I’ve been wanting to play with it for a very long time. It is one of the most highly covered tunes in existence and it is extremely resilient and malleable.

This music genre is very powerful and has the ability to transcend standard emotional states. There are many different versions of the song but below is one of the more original ones.

I hope you enjoy the song.

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How the Right Music Can Help You Get in Shape

Not only does music touch our souls, but it can also influence our minds in such a way that losing weight is a lot easier.

I have struggled with weight my entire life and using music has helped me get through the toughest workouts.

But why exactly is music so effective?

The reason it works so well when you are trying to get in shape or figure out how to get thin is because it has a direct influence on your psychological state which can decrease the perception of pain.

And if you really get into the groove you can actually influence the output of hormones within your pituitary gland. And because the pituitary gland sits right at the base of your brain it makes sense that your psychological state influences hormone secretion.

This is one of the reasons why stress can make you gain weight – because you secrete more fat storing cortisol.

So make sure you browse around my website or simply figure out which types of music work best for you so you can finally get in shape because remember that summertime and springtime are right around the corner.

But don’t take my word for it, here is a great resource that goes more in-depth.

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The Wire

The wire is back at one hundred and ten percent. And although we have not covered this extensively in most recent times, this post will allow us to re-analyze its music.

Now many readers have asked where they can download and attain a copy of “The Fall” but remember that this is an exclusive track that cannot be downloaded or purchased.

Once the soundtrack for the wire is released it will be included, but I cannot make any guarantees.

And although many requests have come in for this track, there are certain limitations that prevent the powers at be for making it available.

Here is the official site for the wire.

You can also learn more about the show along with all the different details at its Wikipedia page.

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This is a modern and up-to-date music blog that provides my musical tastes. I updated it every now and again and you will find multiple links to high quality audio files. And every single audio file that is presented here through the YouTube platform does not infringe upon any different types of copyright. So enjoy the music and keep your ears tuned to all the different offerings.

The Man behind the Curtain

I am a music lover that wants to present my musical perspective to the world. I have done a little composing and designing myself, but I am far from an expert. So I hope you enjoy my musical perspective and I hope you enjoy all the different types of music that I will post on this blog.

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